Carlos Barrios
El Salvador
Born in El Salvador in 1966, Carlos Barrios is a 2005 & 2006 AGNSW Sulman Prize finalist and a 2006 & 2007 Blake Prize finalist. Raised during the civil war Barrios writes; “In this war time madness and normality co- existed. Many nights the electricity was cut and in the candle lit spaces of the house I saw creatures moving and watching us, so I would paint and draw them. As I worked I would watch my hand moving, creating figures and creatures, I was the onlooker, the witness to this seemingly automatic unfolding of pictures, visual descriptions”.

Inspired by the art and artefacts collected by his archaeologist father, Barrios has been painting since the age of six. Intrigued by human relationships, Barrios employs a distinctive painting style to represent ideas such as parallel lives and invisible bonds between people. His “wildly expressive figurative paintings” are characterized by his use of “free painterly brushstrokes and bold colours energy and movement” (Victoria Haynes, The Hub).


2009 The NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize Finalist
2007 The Blake Prize Finalist "Compassion"
2006 The Blake Prize Finalist "Flying Angel"
2006 The Sulman Prize Finalist "Feeding Time"
2005 The Sulman Prize Finalist "Pushing the Pram"
2000 Spanish Club Art Prize
1999 Spanish Club Art Prize - 1st Prize

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