If you are thinking of creating or completely redesigning your landscape, then there are few things you must consider today. Creating a plan ahead of time will enable you to select plants that will not only thrive in your landscape, but also fit your needs.

Because it is very easy to buy beautiful-looking plants at the garden store, only to find out later that they were actually wrong for your landscape or garden. Thus, these 3 tips will help you in creating a thriving, cohesive, beautiful landscape. Here are the details:

Know Your Yard

It is important you think about the topography of your site, soil type and regional climate, especially whenever you are planning your landscape. Keep in mind that the particular condition of your yard will likely create a microclimate depending on the length and amount of sun and the shade exposure in the area. 

Take note of your landscape microclimate when you are choosing plants for your landscape. Microclimates are broken into the following categories: full sun, deep shade or shade and partial shade. Landscape designers and garden designers will provide great advice and help you focus on the plants which you should include in your landscape which not only work well in your gardens climate but will be functional and look incredible. However, before you consult with a local landscape designer, there are a few things you should ask yourself before you begin the garden design process.

Who will be making use of your yard?

You need to know who will be using your yard. Are you the one or you and your children? Do you have pets? Will you be using the outdoor of your yard to entertain guests? If so, then try to create different spaces for different reasons. This can effectively be done by using strategic plantings and landscapes. People can move from one area of the yard to another without issues. You can be maintaining your yard by yourself, or you can hire someone to do so. If you will be hiring someone, then think about your budget and maintenance style.

If you are hiring a garden designer or landscape designer for the process of transforming your yard then you need to be honest with yourself and be realistic as possible when going through the landscape design process. Some features and garden design ideas may look or sound very appealing but you need to think about whether or not the choice is right for you and your lifestyle.

Be realistic as much as you can. You need to enjoy the aesthetics and functionality of the design first and foremost. If you don’t have money to pay a garden designer then you need to create time to do it yourself. Hopefully knowing and abiding by all these rules will determine the success of your landscape design or garden design many years to come.

Determine how the plants will work for you

You should determine ahead of time how the plants will work for you. Truly, plants can be used judiciously in a number of ways such as providing you with beautiful scenery, delicious fruits and vegetables, lovely aroma and lots more. You can also use plants to identify the demarcations of your landscape or create physical barriers in your landscape by blocking access to a specific area or views. You can use correctly placed plants to alter any landscape site conditions you aren’t comfortable with. Both the wind, light levels and temperature are largely affected by things you put in the design such as bird houses, water features etc.

Creating a thriving landscape design is possible; all you need to do is to abide by the 3 rules described above!